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Dyeing Background

The textile industry uses two basic methods for coloring fabric – vat dyeing and textile printing. Vat-dyed fabric or yarn is imparted with a single color, while textile printing uses a printing process – usually gravure – to give fabric a particular design. Two dyeing methods are jet dyeing and continuous dyeing. In jet dyeing a continuous loop of fabric is dyed at once. The dye liquor is sprayed through a powerful venturi jet carrying the fabric with it. After passing through the jet, the fabric enters a cloth guide tube. Dye liquor and fabric together circle through the equipment until the proper shade has been achieved. In continuous dyeing, fabrics are run through a dyebath. The dyestuff is fixed to the fiber by high temperature (420°F) or by steaming. High heat thermosol processing is
employed when the woven fabric to be dyed contains polyester fibers or polyester blends.

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