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Spinning Division
We have state of the art spinning facilities covering the complete sphere of yarn manufacturing including ultramodern automated setup with high speed ring frames. Master's automated spinning facility is the most modern in the region.

We have the facilities to produce carded as well as combed yarn. The flexibility of in our house machinery results in manufacturing of yarn counts from 7 s to 120 s with high uniformity, evenness and low IPI's which is reflected in our woven products.

Blow Room
It consists of the latest Rieter [Swiss] machines. It opens the cotton and removes the contamination, dirt, dust, and trash and foreign matter and feeds the opened material to the subsequest department i.e. carding.
It consists of Rieter[Swiss] card machines c-51 hi-per & Trutzscheller Dk 803. It opens the cotton and removes the dirt, dust, and foreign matter and produces silver in cans for feeding to draw frames.These cards are with chute feed system and auto leveling to produce high quality of yarn.
Draw Frames
It consists of Rieter[Swiss] machines SBD-10, RSBD-30, SB-2. These machines parallelizes the fibers and improves uniformity of produce even yarn on ring. These drawings are with auto levelling system.
Lap formers of Rieter[Swiss] E-32 and six combers of Rieter[Swiss] E-65 are in operation at Master. These comber process are used to remove short fibre in the material. It improves the flexibility and the lusture of the fabric.
Toyota FL-100 type machines are currently in operation in Simplex sector. Special type of Flyer on machines is installed to get even quality roving.
TOYOTA Ring Frames work round the clock at ring section. SKF PK-225 drafting system is attached on these Ring frames. LUWA Air conditioning systems in Ring department maintain the required R.H and temperature in the whole ring department to maintain low hairiness in yarn. Cots, Apron and Steel rings of machinery is changed at proper time.
Auto Cone
We installed new 21 C Process Coner. We are producing yarn having low level of contamination. It is a fully computerized system and helps to determine departmental efficiency round the clock. Yarn hairiness is controlled on 21 C Process Coner by its special balloon system.

Spinning Machinery details are as follows:

Sr. Department Machine Name Manufacturer Qty
1. Blow Room Cotton Lines Rieter [Swiss] 2
    Polyester Lines Rieter [Swiss] 2
2. F-F-Detector Vision Shield Rieter [Swiss] 1
3. Card Card C51 Rieter [Swiss] 10
    Trutzscheller Dk 803 Trutzschller [German] 10
4. Inter/ Drawing SBD 10 Rieter [Swiss] 7
  Breaker/Drawing SBD 10 Rieter [Swiss] 7
  Finisher/Drawing RSBD 30 Rieter [Swiss] 7
  Pre/P/Comber SB 2 Rieter [Swiss] 3
5. Comber E 65 Rieter [Swiss] 5
  Unilap E 32 Rieter [Swiss] 1
6. Simplex FL 100 Toyota [Japan] 7
7. Ring Frames RX-240G-TBC-SCD Toyota [Japan] [1008]25
8. Auto Winder Process-Coner 21C Murata [Japan] 9
9. Yarn-Cleaner Uster-Q2 with F-F-C Uster [Swiss] 480
10. Air/Condition Air/Condition Luwa [Swiss] 1 Set
11. Lab Uster [Swiss] 1 Set

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