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About us
Vision & Mission
Our goal is to strengthen the exports from Pakistan. With this comes the challenge of achieving international quality standards for both weaving and dyeing/finishing. Master textile was not only able to achieve these standards, but in fact raised the benchmark for both quality and reliability from Pakistan. The first of its kind state-of-art composite unit in Pakistan was testament to the commitment of the group’s 30 year old motto of quality and reliability. The company is striving to have socially accountable and environment friendly operations and practices.
Our Vision
The group’s vision program includes expansion of the weaving, Dye house and garment facilities. We see the broader challenge and opportunity to increase our share of international business as the world moves toward globalization. We are developing poly mattresses, cushions, quilts, bed sheets, bed spread, napkins, wadding, and non-woven fabric facilities. We aim to invest in future focusing on the customer’s needs and intense competition in the international markets.

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