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Weaving Division

Master Textile Mills is equipped with modern computerized machines. The main plant and equipment installed in the weaving mills is as following:

The main object of warping is the preparation of weaver beam from warping beam, to get the required ends on that weaver beam.
Master have German made Benniger machines.
After the process of warping, the next process is the sizing of the prepared warping beams.
Objective of sizing is to get the required ends of thread on the warping beam to strengthen the fiber for the next process of weaving master have latest sizing machines with speed 120-150 meter yarn per minute.
Sr. Machine Name Manufacturer
120 Looms (Jat 600 Air Jet) Toyota, Japan.
(90 units in 190cm equipped with Dobby and Tappets and 30 units in 280cm equipped with tappets only)
2. Warping Benninger [Swiss]
3. Sizing Benninger Zell [German]
4. Knotting Equipment Oskar Fischer [German]
5. Air Conditioning Luwa [Swiss]
6. Mills Monitoring System Barco [Belgium]
7. Testing Equipment on BS, ISO,
AATCC Standards
Zweigle [German]

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