About Us

Master Group of Industries

Established in 1963, Master Group of Industries adopts a modern and realistic approach towards growth through innovative technology and manufacturing  quality products.


Through profound vision, strategic direction and unwavering commitment, Master has emerged as Pakistan’s premium business house. The group has a powerful presence in all major sectors including textile, mattress, furniture, home and living, automotive, engineering and renewable energy. We strongly believe in and respect eco-friendly manufacturing and are keen to adopt production methods that help reduce our impact on the environment.

Master Textile

Textile has been one of our core businesses since 1992. Master Textile is distinguished as a vertically integrated textile and apparel company in Lahore, Pakistan.

The company has state-of-the-art spinning, weaving, processing, dyeing, printing, denim fabric and garment manufacturing facilities, fully equipped and proficient enough to produce products consistent with European and American quality standards with an annual turnover of more than USD 120 million.

We are proud to be Pakistan’s first ‘full package provider’ for our clients, with vertical competencies for yarns, woven fabrics, denim fabrics and garments.

With a strong brand image and international certifications, owing to our project commitments, working speed, quality services and spot-on delivery, we offer our customers a global network of opportunities with global sales and representative offices in Europe, UK, USA, Turkey and Bangladesh that speaks customers’ language for the best liaison and support.

Corporate Culture and 
Workers’ Rights

We are committed to engaging employees through continuous improvements and legal accountability mechanisms under SA 8000. We aim to provide a safe and clean environment for all our employees, thereby respecting the integrity, freedom, ethics and social values of our workers, stakeholders, business partners and customers.

At Master, we take the safety of workers and the environment very seriously, protecting their rights by conducting audits. We are against child labor and forced labor. With approximately 7,000 employees, our training is focused on ethical sourcing, manufacturing, and labor practices. We ensure that our products are produced in a fair and safe environment.

Our Companies


Master MoltyFoam

The most trusted name in bedding, furniture and the healthcare industry providing products of unmatched quality, guaranteeing customer satisfaction


Master Thermoshield

Ventured into conserving energy by providing thermal insulation for building that helps save electricity and contributes to a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly Pakistan


Master Textile

Leading textile manufacturer
Producing and exporting high-quality products and engaging with esteemed International brands as their clients


Master Celeste

Introduced in 1997, Master Celeste has today become a benchmark for luxurious sleep systems in the Pakistan mattress industry through its innovative and high-end technology.


Procon Engineering

Procon has proved its mettle as the leading car interior and component manufacturer of Pakistan. Procon supplies high quality finished products and interiors to leading car, bus, motorcycle and truck manufacturers.


Master Offisys

Number-one provider of office furniture and services


Master Motor

An automobile manufacturing company Master Motor is an authorized assembler and manufacturer of Pakistan for leading commercial vehicles.


Celeste Home Fashion

A premium retail brand offering a wide range of ready-made signature bedrooms in various styles such as classic, modern, edgy or minimalist to perfectly suit our customers’​ style requirements


Master Wind Energy

Committed to growing our businesses in a direction that contributes to a sustainable Pakistan
Master Wind aims to provide a clean and reliable energy source by building and operating state-of-the-art wind power facilities.



Master Motors inked an agreement with the Chinese automaker Chongqing Changan Automobile
Limited for vehicle production in the country. A top-selling domestic brand, Changan Automobiles boasts an industrial history stretching back 153 years.